Monday, September 3, 2012

Dust Boogies

I went on another frenzy of getting my act together today. I even dusted the top of the frames that hang on the wall. I mean, who does that?

It is a sad truth that I am allergic to dust (rather, dust mites, I learned) and that I create an awful lot of dust everyday.

Once, in ninth grade, I went on a weekend church retreat where we made apple butter. Basically, to do this you take turns stirring a witches cauldron full of apple sauce for over 24 hours. At the end of which, you blow your nose and the soot is all that comes out. And you think you might die of lung cancer on the spot because that has to be the equivalent of at least a million cigarettes... You're a tad anxious.

Well, risking the graphic mental image that I actually have mucous (sorry, i do.) I blew my nose today after cleaning and it reminded me of that retreat. Hahaha. And you thought you wanted to get to know me.

Anyway, my office is clean again and it feels SO good.


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