Friday, August 31, 2012

CLOSED- Handmade Nautical Zipper Pouch Giveaway!

Last night I had a grown up slumber party. This is where you drink wine instead of chocolate milk, talk about boys RARELY and make crafts that don't involve popsicle sticks. (Unless you're planting a garden, then the sticks are welcome!)

I must say that I LOVE teaching my friends how to sew. I think part of it is the desire that they will fall in love with sewing and I'll have someone to make jokes about presser foots with. The other part is watching the pride on their faces as they admire their work.

Meg and I made folded zipper pouches with straps using bits of fabric, a zipper (of course) and some leather scraps. I'm really proud of our results!

Anyway, this morning, in a matchy-matchy moment of genius I made a coin pouch.

I don't store coins in a separate pouch though, as I have one built-in on my pocket book. But you need one, right?

All you need to do to snatch this nautical coin purse is leave me a comment and make sure I have a way to contact you! (either leave your email or make sure your blog is linked)

I'll close the giveaway next Friday.

Good Luck!

Update: Congrats Emily!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Organizing the Linen closet.

Today I am bursting with pride.

I cleaned the linen closet!

When we moved in and found we had absolutely no storage space we pushed things into the linen closet. All those little boxes for stemware, the full box set for our 8 piece dinnerware and our completely unpacked china set were all shoved to the bottom of the closet. Then, as shelf space ran out, we just piled on top of the boxes. Then it became so bad that there was no point anymore and we didn't even fold throw blankets before shoving them in there. You know in cartoons where they open the closet and the whole mess falls out on them? It was like that. Except that in real life, things settle and when you pull something in the stack out, everything around it stays just as it was. (evidence below: gaping hole between afghan and pillow) This is how you make an igloo, or how you burrow in our linen closet. Important life stuff. You're welcome.


So, after 13 months and 24 episodes of Hoarders (moral support), I did it.

Tips for when you clean your own closets:

1. If you have movable shelves/wood planks, move them! By bringing the very top one down one notch to make a mega wide shelf, I was able to store all the boxes up there as high as my heart desired AND create a barrier for the chaos.

2. Learn how to properly fold fitted sheets. Check out this video for the how-to. Though, even with this know-how, I will never be able to fold a sheet as well as him...

3. If you have baskets available, it will make your life easier. I had 1 ghetto pink crate, but my bulky afghan blankets are living the dream in it.

I thought once I had done this, I would feel like our apartment was in good shape. Sadly, we are just coming out of a bout of sloppy. So, the only place that is now organized is our linen closet. Gah. I want a maid.

Happy cleaning!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Etsy shop SALE

Starting on Monday August 27th, use the coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL to receive 20% off your purchase! Coupon is entered at checkout. Please let me know if you have any questions prior to purchasing.

Click HERE to enter the etsy shop.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Lace Top

Now in the shop!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Customized Notebook- Willow and Lark

Just bought this sweet little book from WillowandLarkSupply. Can't wait to write our story in it. :)

A deep fried party

Some dear friends of ours threw a party on Saturday complete with 3 different potato dishes, endless fried chicken and deep fried oreos. I am proud to say that I did not gain any weight this weekend. Yessss. Though I do believe I would have if the oreos were out before I gorged myself on a cranberry walnut salad.

Welcome to the danger zone

Onion Rings
I'm kind of bummed I didn't take photos of the actual spread or how fantastic the yard looked with twinkle lights. It was gorgeous. Becky and Tony are fantastic hosts!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Basics; Staging Photo Shoots

Wow. That was a lot of work. When thinking about photo shoots, I seem to only remember the result; photography on my website. But there are LOTS of other parts to them too.

Thinking about cohesiveness, ambiguity and my own aesthetic is the PITS. I'm still working on this. It's a real struggle for me to want to have a "look", and yet not be defined by that. I love vintage silhouettes AND the tribal prints AND neon colors AND asymmetric lines. I'm sorry. I'm having my cake and I'm eating it. That's the point of cake.

So, where I've landed on this is that if I'm going to go throwing everything out there at once, I might as well help out my viewers by keeping it simple. Someday I will be decisive enough to end this design dilemma. But today is not that day.

For now I chose a blank wall in my apartment for ease, comfort and simplicity. I used a friend who is a much smaller size than me to model because I wanted to show that a variety of sizes can call look awesome in the same design. And I styled the items simply. It's important to allow a girl to pair her own wardrobe with what you're making; allow her mind to add the statement piece.

Anyway, this is what being an indie clothing designer has been like for me. It's hard to not be swayed to think that I must have a strong point of view. There are loads of successful businesses who swear by it; saying the only way to succeed in business is having your crap together before you show it off. But I don't have my crap together. I know what I would wear and I make it.

I was fearful about starting a business with no experience and a somewhat weird fashion sense. But you know what? Here I am. I'm nearly 3 years and over 700 garments in and it's okay. Learning is a success that's fulfilling even in failures.

I suppose my point is this: Be okay with slow growth and unsure steps. It hasn't failed me yet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Prep for the photo shoot

So excited to share with you all the lovely new prints and patterns heading into my shop this weekend. Photo shoot tomorrow. Wish me luck!