Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY Handmade Labels

A little over a month ago, I read a post from a fellow handmade clothing blogger, Teaka where she had an ADORABLE handmade label. After a bit of back and forth for figuring out how to make it sturdy, I gave it a try.

When I first purchased labels, I did it with the help of a Swedish friend through a website that only ships to Sweden. She was just days away from going home when we ordered and so the timing was perfect. It, of course, no longer is. Ha.

They were efficient, but not terribly attractive and not at all in line with my brand. So, it was time for an overhaul. And I am soooooo pleased with the results.

If you are a handmade gift giver, this is such a cute idea for the upcoming holidays.

I purchased acrylic craft paint, a customized rubber stamp and twill tape. Search your craft store's scrapbooking section to find cute labels that read "handmade" or make your own stamp from premade letters and a stamp block.

To make the labels:
First, use a foam brush to lightly dab the paint onto your stamp. Make sure to use as little paint as needed to cover so that you don't get gobs of it on your stamp.
Press on the twill tape and repaint stamp for each label.
Once dry, use an iron to heat-set the paint.
Snip labels apart with pinking shears to limit fraying.
When attaching, it's important to sew all the way around the label because your label won't unravel past the stitch.

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