Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend project FLOP

I headed to IKEA Sunday around dinnertime because that's when it seems to be slowest in the store. I knew that with only a couple of hours before closing time, I was going to have to hurry to find what I wanted. But man! Their showrooms always engage me. I am dazed and zombie like. I touch everything. I come to when I'm in a dining room set up, fawning over a hutch. WHAT AM I DOING HERE? WOMAN ON A MISSION.

Back to it but have no idea where to find their shelves. There were some in the dining rooms and some in "home organization", but I couldn't find the one I wanted. On my way out of the showrooms upstairs a hat rack caught my eye. See, it had little shelves. It was the perfect width and I thought the hooks in the back could hold my aprons and the dowel rod would hold kitchen towels. And it was $10 less than the shelves I really wanted.

So, like that, I bought it.

Dang, it was heavy. I thought about it the whole way home. Wow, that box was heavy. Will the wall hold it?
I put it together in about 20 mins. Then lifted it to hold it to the wall. So heavy I had to ask John to help.

Then I realized there is no way this little guy is going to hold to the wall. If it's 20lbs alone and we plan on placing our rice/grains, etc. and cookbooks on it, it could easily have to hold 40lbs. Forget it.

So, can everyone boo with me for a second? Who designed that thing??? Anyway, it's going back. So, weekend project pt. 2 is coming.

Waiting for it's return


  1. That too bad because when I saw the first image on this post I thought that's a really nice self, wouldn't mind that for my own kitchen.
    I think I too shall have to pass knowing it's weighs more than a wall could bear. :S

  2. Boo.. that kind of sucks, Kasey. Anticipating weekend project #2. ;)


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