Tuesday, May 15, 2012

JD Wolfe Pottery

 I'm on an incredibly talent-packed Etsy team and every season this team does a swap. I was so excited when I opened the door last week and saw that I was receiving pottery! That very day I had broken one of my favorite vintage porcelain plates and was feeling really low about it. Silly as it seems, I'm pretty attached to the few home decor "knick-knacks" I own.

The whole time I was opening the box, I was literally squealing with delight. Haha, just looking at these photos makes me feel that excitement all over again. They're so precious AND I GET TO KEEP THEM FOREVER! I can understand your jealousy right now, but I won't give them up; not even one. But, you can get your own set on Jennifer's Etsy page.

And I just bought these awesome stickers from another team member; SparrowNestScript. I think the little bowl is the perfect holder for them, right?

Told you it's talent-packed.



  1. Sweet stickers! Glad you like the bowls!

  2. I really love her work, too. The bowls ARE great with the stickers!

  3. A little jealous of your pretty new bowls, and I love the small one as a sticker holder! Glad to see your blog -- adding you to my Google Reader!

  4. I am very jealous!! I've had these beautiful bowls on my wish list for forever and still not got round to buying them!!

    xx PC



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