Monday, May 14, 2012

Case of the Mondays

I've updated my current fabric options. It makes me a bit sad to see fabric patterns go. I realized that I have quite an attachment to them, so it's a good thing I know how to sew, otherwise I'd have a hoarding issue.

It's been my intention to slow down a bit for the last week and take a 3 day weekend. However, frustratingly dumb mistakes and 4 last minute dresses meant that I didn't do what I had set out to do. I did have a LOVELY day yesterday though. I spent the entire day with people. I'm a slight extrovert who works from home by myself all week, so the ideal "rest" is sometimes just a coffee date or a movie with a friend. I feared that my hermit ways were turning me into an introvert, but apparently, I'm fine. John was surprised by how much I spoke all day. And I don't mean surprised in a good way. I mean, I was over-sharing left and right. Totally embarrassing..

This weekend I'm attending my cousin-in-law's wedding and I made 3 of the bridesmaids dresses and the mother of the bride dress as well. I'm looking forward to seeing all the ladies in them. I get this heart bubble when I see someone twirling in my dresses. :)

So, here I am to say that I'm alive and well and I can't wait to show you the summer items I'll be adding in the next few weeks! Here's the dress from the sneak peek. I love how it turned out. I debated the horizontal bodice, vertical skirt for a LONG time. And I'm happy to say that I went for it!

I wish I had some pastel shoes to wear with it. Please pass a link if you know of any!


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  1. A nice pair of nude shoes would be perfect!


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