Thursday, May 24, 2012

Handmade Wardrobe- Formal Maxi

My friend, Brenda, just wrote on her blog about making a necklace and being complimented. There's this weird dilemma when you make things and people start to know you as the girl who makes things. 

It's fantastic when people ask if you have made something and you have. They then praise you telling you how incredibly talented you are and how impressed they are with your skills. Then your head becomes so large that you literally float away. (It's scary because I'm afraid of heights.)

Then there are the days when you just throw something cute on and people see it and they say, "Did you make that???" And you say "No. I bought it at blah blah's" and they say "Oh." And then it's awkward and they change the subject.

So, this has been going on for me for over 2 years. And I seriously don't read into it as much as I used to. And I know that the people who have done this to me had no idea that I analyze their words and thought "they didn't say it was cute when I didn't make it, so are they just saying it's cute when I DID because they they don't know what else to say? What if they really don't like it?!?!?!?"

Now, to avoid all of that, I just make my dress for family events. This past weekend, John's cousin got married and I wore a sample that was never intended to become a real dress. I was playing around with lengths last year and made this. Because I never intended to wear it, I had to rush to hem it the night before the wedding. And it didn't quite fit anymore and the grain on the bodice runs the opposite of the skirt, and there's a seam on the back because I ran out of fabric making that long skirt and when I used the pocket, my hand busted it open. So, I wouldn't say "success" at the time.

But looking at the photos, I'm kind of in love with the length. It's rather flattering on me, I think.

 So, sample dress, you were a success and I'm happy I had a last minute rush and you were the only unworn handmade dress around.

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  1. I love this story, Kasey! I've had similar experiences...I usually only wear my pieces (well, at least since I've been legit making). On the one had, I wear my work because I am, of course, my own best spokesperson, an example of my aesthetic at its most true. But it's always a hoot to be complimented on the one vintage bangle I have on. =)

    The dress looks smashing on you, and the high waist and pillar cut are so flattering! So lengthening. It's also interesting that you admit to wearing imperfect work; I do. Strangely enough the pieces that I make that end up being 'mine' are somewhat different from those that are in my shop - bolder, more quirky, unique, strange even. Call them 'samples' or call them the pieces that have the most soul and therefore speak to me most. I don't know.

    Thanks for sharing your story! Think this column dress will hit the shop sometime soon? =)

    xo Dianna


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