Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer '12 Handmade Wardrobe Inspiration Board

As you can see, I'm a little over-zealous. There's no way all of these are going to end up in my closet. I just wanted to give myself lots of options. Some of these pictures are inspiration for items I was planning for the shop anyway.

1. I'm loving the palette and the shape.
2. Bright circle skirt- Yes.
3. I'm imagining this longer with pockets.
4. I have some striped fabric that I have to use. It's a much narrower stripe, but it could work.
5. I'm planning a solid color cropped cardigan. I think the fabric will make or break this one.
6. This is my own design. I'm planning a muted tone for myself and possibly sleeveless?
7. I've been eyeing this design for a long time. I love the shape so so much and I might start on my Autumn wear early. (I live in the bay of CA. I wore a jacket today while my east coast friends were drowning in their own sweat.)
8. I love the lace collar on this one. Though boxy shirts don't flatter my figure, I may try this out and see what happens.

Okay, enough daydreaming. Back to work!


4. I decided that this top is much more the direction I want to go with the striped fabric.

Okay, back to it for real this time.


  1. 1. Adore the buttons all the way down the front. YES.

    2. Perfect circle-ness. So fab with wedges, and so flattering! YES.

    3. You would have to move back to SC to market the "I forgot my pants" look. Haha. I adore loose muu-muu styles, and pockets, for sure! YES.

    6. ADORBS.

    7. Perfect silhouette. I particularly love the neckline, and how it continues to widen over the shoulder before dropping into the back. I want to turn her around to see! Love the 'New Look' shape.

    8. Would a same-material fabric cord belt work to bring in the boxy shape, with little tabs at the sides to keep it there? Or perhaps a two-button cinched detail in the back? Ohh, with little lace-covered buttons? I guess that would depend on the construction of the back. I really like the lace collar, especially with that large floral print. YES.

    Is this for your wardrobe, or for the shop? Or both? I can't wait to make some mood boards for Fall/Winter...alas, I am still (finally) listing Summer pieces. Go figure. Love that you're working on newness!!


  2. where is #3 from?
    i'd love to see a longer version of this ~ maybe with leggings & boots for winter


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